Gifted Parenting Class

“Is My Child Gifted?” Parenting Class
…And if so, now what? Have you ever thought that your child might have abilities that are different than their age peers? Come and explore the world of gifted education. Define types of giftedness, analyze national and state definitions, clarify some gifted behaviors, and gain resources that can help with parenting and school decisions. This class best serves families of preschoolers through grade 3. The instructors are Pam McDonald and Molly Hammel (Greenleaf GTYS Specialist). Thursdays 6:30-7:30pmApril 5-26, 2018. $59 fee. Interested? You can sign up by going to the District 196 Community Education website: Search “gifted” or code AIMCG-S1. Questions? E-mail Molly Hammel at [email protected]org.

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