2012 Board Candidates

Board Members Up for Reelection

President & Organizational Outreach
Tina Armstrong

Carol Malueg

Karl Bunday

Newsletter and Conference
Betty Johnson

Chapter Liaison
Lynn Norby

Underserved Populations 
Hawona Sullivan Janzen

Volunteer Coordinator
Jolene Gleason

All terms are 2-year terms to expire November 2014 except Hawona Sullivan Janzen is running for a 1-year term to expire November 2013.

The initial deadline for members to submit their interest in board positions has passed.  If you are interested in joining the MCGT Board, please contact Tina Armstrong at [email protected]. Nominations may be taken from the floor at the annual meeting if additional members are interested in joining the MCGT Board.  We are also interested in hearing from members that would be interested in joining in the next year.


NOTE:  Board Members whose terms do not expire until November 2013: Kathy Geary (Advocacy Project), Tony Rinkenberger (Webmaster & Interim Treasurer), and Melissa Amundsen (Non-Metro Minnesota)