2019 Jun/July/Aug Letter

Happy Summer from MCGT!

I am writing this bundled in a sweatshirt, looking at my rain-soaked yard, and not feeling summery at all (can you guess which day in May?  Probably not!). Hope prevails, though, because I am made of good Midwestern stock and believe that the sun will shine tomorrow. As you are dreaming about summer days, I want to highlight upcoming events that might be of interest to you.

  • MCGT CHOICES Chapter has put together a wonderful series for kids this summer, Take Me Out to the Stadium, which will be tons of fun and what a great way to explore the awesome educational opportunities in our state.
  • A full day of parent education around Balancing the Intensities of Gifted with Lynette Breedlove is Weds, June 19 in Austin, MN as part of the Hormel Symposium. MCGT has a few parent scholarships for this day available, that covers registration and gas.  Register today and if you need information about the scholarship, send an email to [email protected]
  • Another opportunity for parent connections and education this summer is the SENG Conference in Houston Texas from July 19 – 21.  There are sessions for parents, teachers, mental health providers, a young adult program and youth advocacy day. Many great speakers at this conference and we are predicted to have a colder than average summer – Houston may be the perfect place to be in July.
  • The World Conference on Gifted is in Nashville from July 24 – 29 this year. This amazing opportunity to rub shoulders with the gurus of gifted would be a fun experience for parents and educators.  Nashville has its own set of charms that would make the trip fun!
  • If you are just hoping to socialize a bit this summer, the MCGT Summer Picnic will be August 17. The CHOICES chapter has donated monies to allow us to buy hamburgers, hot dogs, and vegetarian options for the picnic. This will be held August 17 at Cherokee Park in St. Paul from 11:30 to 1:30.  Any grill masters are welcome to contact me at [email protected] and we will make all your grilling fantasies come true! Watch for a registration email for this free event coming soon!  

I am energized and excited by so many things happening around MCGT this year. Thank you for allowing me to help this organization on its journey!