2020 April/May/June Letter

President’s Letter

MCGT Families

My head is spinning from the number of times we have experienced a “new normal” in the last month. More changes are still to come, and we are trying to think ahead at MCGT to be a resource for our members and others in MN.  One new normal, which has actually been planned for several months, is that on Friday the 20th of March we moved the MCGT office out of the Edina Community Center for about a year and a half. This is part of a large-scale renovation happening at the ECC and we have plans of returning when all the renovation is completed. Meanwhile, we were set up to work remotely for MCGT and so are slightly ahead of every one else’s recent work adjustments.

We have brainstormed several ideas for our families to stay connected. The first is offering Facebook Live CHAT nights on specific topics every Tuesday night from 7-7:30 pm on our public Facebook page. Our first one was March 24 with Shelley Harvey talking about anxiety and answering questions. We had a great audience for the live presentation and over 1,000 people have viewed the recording since then. A list of future CHAT topics is printed in the newsletter and will be updated on our Facebook page and website. Additionally, the CHOICES chapter is considering ways to connect with each other via technology and to provide support to parents as they are moving toward a home school world. Finally, you will find in this newsletter testimonies about specific online educational sites which members have found to be engaging, fun or have made a difference for the gifted people in their lives.

We will be sending out more emails than normal to our members, so please open those and read them for more information about what is happening. One of our goals of connecting is to support your journey of educating your children in a manner that might be different than was your plan this spring. Remember that 15 minutes of really connecting with each other always is better for you and your child than 15 minutes of nagging about an incomplete assignment. Be gentle with each other, show grace in your responses, find ways of enjoying the learning, laugh a lot, and remember that gifted people have BIG emotions. BIG emotions have BIG reactions. BIG reactions take more time to calm inside the body. What we have plenty of right now is time – which is a new and unusual experience for some of us. If possible, see this time as a gift to each other.  

Teresa Boatman, President