2020 Jan/Feb/March Letter

President’s Letter

The end of the year is a time of reflection for me, tying up loose ends from projects and reviewing goals and outcomes. Last January, the MCGT leadership team laid out four objectives for 2019 and 2020:  Building Awareness of MCGT, Chapter Operations Support, Legislative Outreach, and Education/Outreach with other Gifted Constituents. Looking down our long list of action items under each objective, we have made great strides. MCGT has had an awesome year in so many ways! The Leadership Teams will be retreating again in February to continue building a strong community and supporting gifted children and their people.  If you have any ideas, please email me at [email protected] and share.

Spring will bring opportunity for new endeavors. We are still finalizing our educational experiences, but are excited for April 7, 2020 to host an evening with Dr. Karen Rogers and Brenda Topley in conjunction with the Lakeville School District. We are also developing a new family-based Saturday experience with a new local charter school – Explorations High School. Excited to see what cool learning experiences bubble up as we design this experience. 

We are heading into a funding year for legislation. Our legislative liaison has now moved to Delaware and so we are working as a whole board (and organization) to nurture relationships with legislators and stakeholders. This may be the year for a big legislative push (I’ve already told you our Commissioner of Education has a gifted teacher background!) and we will be sending you specific steps toward legislative advocacy soon.

A big change is coming. MCGT has been housed in the Edina Community Center for decades. ECC is currently undergoing a major renovation and our office will eventually be moved to the first floor. Before our new space is done, though, we need to move out of ECC from March 2019 through late spring 2020. We will keep you all informed as we know the logistics of managing space and materials.  Packing and moving is always a challenge!

Have a lovely break from your educational endeavors and enjoy MN winter! Embrace the cold, bask in the sunshine off the snow, and appreciate the beauty we have here in the north.

Teresa Boatman, President