2021 February/March

At MCGT, we have been taking a deep dive into our mission, values, and the reasons people join MCGT. Some of you may be asked to help us on that journey, so please respond if you get a questionnaire in the next couple months asking what you value (and what you might want) from MCGT. The data we gather will help inform our website redesign project, organizational goals, and resources offered in the next two years.

MCGT has spent the last six months laying the groundwork for our Connections Project (more info in the newsletter). One recent connection is MCGT’s involvement with The G Word Partnership Network. Marc Smolowitz, the Director of The G Word, hopes “to create dialog that gets people excited to reconsider gifted/special education, learning differences, neurodiversity, and the need for social justice, equity, and access associated with high intelligence in the 21stcentury.” Also, as a member, you received  A Call to Action, developed by The Association for the Gifted/Council for Exceptional Children. Please share these research-based action steps with others who are responding to the topics of diversity, equity and access for gifted students.

Sweatshirt and shorts weather is right around the corner which leads pretty quickly to summer programs. If you are looking for summer camps, join us on March 4 for a CHAT with Jennifer Farner (who has been working to update the MCGT Summer Opportunities Guide) and Karl Bunday to discuss program options for this coming summer. For some of our MN youth, this might be the summer to participate in a program in Boston or California because of virtual options. Many programs are opening their registrations, so now is the time to start dreaming. Also, watch for a video by Melissa Malen, Ph.D., one our MCGT Sponsors, owner of AxyLu Academic Coaching. Melissa will be sharing her best tips for supporting your gifted child’s executive functioning (EF) skills.

Finally, a couple resources I want to share. Bridges Academy, a private school in California specializing in twice-exceptional (2E) education, supports an excellent website, 2Enews, with a wide variety of information about 2E learners. Close Connections, an online business focused on helping kids develop EF skills, has free on their website an excellent Resource page with games, links, and other tools to help parents and professionals with teaching EF skills.

 Have a lovely entry to your MN spring!

Teresa Boatman, PhD, MCGT President