2021 January

We are excited at MCGT to be planning a full calendar of events and activities for 2021. We might be one of the few non-profits that came out of 2020 in a good financial position. THANK YOU to all who donated to the Drive 65 campaign and maintained or added your membership!  

We also have been building a strong State Board of Directors. After previous board members retired (thank you for your service Jolene Gleason and Cheryl Edelstiein), we added three new board members and an intern. Heather Waddell is a long time member and parent of a gifted child who helped us with events in St. Paul. She is taking on the Social Media position and will be aided in the spring by our first ever intern, Evynn Hall.  Evynn is a junior at St. Catherine’s University and will be helping MCGT increase our presence on Twitter and Instagram as well as supporting other online components. Jinju Truong also joined the board as a Member-At-Large focused on forming connections with the broader gifted community and its stakeholders. Jinju is a parent from Minnetonka and has a background in project development. Finally, Swati Agarwal just joined the board at our December board meeting. She is also a Minnetonka parent of gifted children and will serve as a board Member-At-Large, using her skills with conference development, volunteerism, and technology. We are almost at board capacity but would still welcome someone from a rural area of Minnesota to provide a voice from out state MN.

We will be meeting as a board here in the deep winter of Minnesota to consider the goals set and met during the last two years as well as setting short term goals for the next year. One decision has already been made. MCGT will be maintaining our virtual status for the upcoming year, including our annual Fall conference. Although the world may be more in-person by October, we do not want to put a host school in the position of preparing for an in-person conference that may not be able to happen. Our energy can go toward continuing to provide strong virtual experiences for our members and looking toward 2022 to gather in person again.

If you have suggestions or ideas that should be discussed by the board, please email me at [email protected], and I would be happy to have a conversation with you about your suggestions. 

Dr. Teresa Boatman, MCGT President