Minnesota Council for the Gifted & Talented

Connections. Advocacy. Resources. Equity. Support.

2021 MCGT Annual Meeting Reports

2020-2021 President’s Report:

  • Chapter activities  – coffee chats, student enrichment activities, family game nights, book groups, educational workshops, park dates, video series to support educational choices,  individual support
  • New Parent group in St. Paul hosting weekly student gaming experiences
  • State Board Member attended the Virtual NAGC Advocacy Conference 
  • Representatives  attended MDE Gifted Advisory Council
  • Successful finish to  the Drive 65 Fundraising campaign with a successful outcome of funds raised
  • Connections  Project lead the updating of MCGT mission and vision statements, expanded our relationships with stakeholder groups in MN, and raised awareness of equity throughout MCGT activities
  • Provided scholarships for children to attend five Minnesota summer programs and 6 memberships to MCGT through the Betty Johnson Legacy Scholarship Fund
  • Held three virtual Speaker Series events featuring Dr. Jonathan Plucker speaking on Equity in Schools, Dr. Karen Rogers lead a conversation on 2E learners, and Angel Selden spoke on Helping Talent Bloom
  • Planned conference on November 6, Raising Critical Thinkers – and Curious Adults featuring Colin Seale
  • Recognized Minnesota’s NUMATS top scorers via certificates and recognition in the Outlook
  • Partnered with MDE and MEGT on gifted coordinators and specialists workshops 
  • Providing Monthly CHAT Nights via Zoom for Members with local experts.
  • Continued as an online virtual organization 
  • Hosted annual picnic in St. Louis Park for families to connect with each other
  • Launched Talented Tots and Lean on Me, monthly support times for parents of gifted and talented children
  • Began a Website Redesign project with a usability study and re-organization of current website 
  • Moved back into of the Edina Community Center in July
Core Value/PillarMission Statement
ConnectionsMCGT forges partnerships to engage diverse communities in building awareness of and support for the unique needs of the gifted and talented.
AdvocacyMCGT supports family, local, state, and federal advocacy efforts to improve opportunities for gifted and talented learners.
ResourcesMCGT provides a comprehensive website and equitable access to events and workshops.
EquityMCGT is committed to continual learning and actionable steps to support a more equitable future for the communities we serve.
SupportMCGT cultivates relationships among parents/caregivers, and between families, experts, and professionals

2020-2021 Financial Report

Total Income $29,169

Total Expense $30,541

Net Income/(Loss) $(1,372)

Membership Dues$14, 360Operating Expense
Conference Income$ 2,458Rent & Phone$1,828 
Disbanded Chapter Funds$ 1,000Wages/Payroll Taxes/Workers Comp$8,828
Betty Johnson Scholarship$75Business Owners Ins.$1,310
Drive 65$4,819Repay Loan$2,035
United Way$36Internet & Web Hosting Fees$348
Other Donations$1,610Wild Apricot Fees$3,992
Newsletter/Website Sponsorship$2,692Stripe/Square/AffiniPay Fees $930
Fundraising (Book Sales)$52Membership-MN Council Non-profits$175
MN NUMATS Donations$0Computer $0
Misc. Income$37Misc & Supplies$153
Total Income$29,169Taxes/Fees$547
Meeting Expenses$150
Total Operating Expense $20,867
Other Expense
Conference Expense$1,062
MCGT Member Rebates to Chapters$5,011 
Chapter/Parent Group$0
Books Purchased$0
NACG Memberships & Travel $550
MN NUMATS Celebration$119 
Summer Picnic$291
Total Other Expense$9,674 
Total Expense$30,541 

If you have any questions or would like more information, please email the MCGT office at [email protected]