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A Call To Action

A Call to Action: Supporting Equity, Diversity and Access for Gifted Students is a summary of research and action steps developed by The Association for the Gifted division of the Council for Exceptional Children. MCGT has voted to endorse this document and are providing a copy to each of you. We would like you to consider who in your circle of influence –  teachers, administrators, gifted coordinators, school board members –  would benefit by receiving a copy of this document. We would also like you to send a copy to them with the introduction provided below or your own introduction.  

Thank you for helping us advocate for gifted and talented children in the state of MN and beyond.

The MCGT State Board of Directors

Dear ____

As a member of the Minnesota Council for the Gifted and Talented, I support the need for diverse and equitable gifted services. The Call to Action attached is a well researched document that can help our Minnesota education systems in working toward that goal. Thank you for reading the attached document and considering the provided Recommendations toward professional learning, equitable access, culturally responsive curriculum and instruction, research in equity and diversity, parent and community partnerships and policy. 

A Call to Action