Join MCGT this fall for our speaker series! All speaker events are Saturdays via zoom from 9am – 11am.  Thanks to support from MCGT chapter and parent groups, these events are free for MCGT members. Non-members are $20 per event. Event video recordings will also be available for MCGT members […]

MCGT Fall Speaker Series

First Thursday of the Month, 8pm Do you have a bright or talented kid between the ages of 1 and 5?  (Check out this description if you’re not sure.)  Come discuss all the hilarity, exasperation, and joy of raising bright young kids with other parents who get it!  This supportive […]

Talented Tots

You are not alone in this journey of parenting bright children. Find your people in this monthly discussion group where we talk about  raising gifted, creative and talented children. The group focuses on listening, generating ideas, resource sharing, and is for anyone who is a caregiver of elementary and teenage […]

Lean on Me

MCGT Members can register for virtual speaker events after the event is over to have access to the video recording! You must be a MCGT Member and you must register for each event to have access to the video (some events require payment at the member event rate). The video […]

Speaker Videos Available to MCGT Members