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CHOICES Class – Be A Biz Kid!

Be a Biz Kid!! – Registration Deadline is Wednesday, December 2.

The CHOICES chapter of MCGT will be offering a free online opportunity for CHOICES member students to learn entrepreneurial and personal financial skills.  Using free online software, the group will meet and discuss various areas of smart money management in business and individual settings.  

Not a member of MCGT’s CHOICES Chapter? Email the MCGT office at [email protected] to add the CHOICES chapter to your MCGT membership (your first chapter is included in your MCGT membership, a second chapter is an additional $18 per year). Not a member of MCGT? Join MCGT now and select the CHOICES chapter.

Starting with a lemonade stand, compete with your peers to see if you can make the most money.  Businesses will get more complex as we grow our understanding.   

Graduate from college and decide if you want to be a doctor, artist or video game designer.  Make decisions on how to live and spend your first year’s wages!  Will you be able to afford that trip to the beach with your friends?  Find out!

Learn these valuable skills and more!

There will be weekly at home learning provided which will be paired with Zoom meetings to ensure your child understands the concepts and is having fun!

Lorri Jennings is currently offering the Stock Market Game to the CHOICES students.  She is an accountant by training. She has led the Dave Ramsey Financial Universe course to adults and taught Personal Finance and Be a CEO Entrepreneurship classes to children at STAR Academy.

Please email Lorri Jennings [email protected] (CHOICES Treasurer) by Wednesday December 2nd to register your student ages 10-16 for the opportunity to participate.  This class will have work at home as well as a weekly zoom call.  Participating each week is not required and the kid’s effort will determine how much they get out of the class.