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Dr. Richard Cash on Gifted & Talented Slide

St Croix Valley Gifted is extremely pleased to welcome Dr. Richard Cash, Ed.D., as our featured speaker in October for a parent / educator conversation called “Experiencing Fall Letdown: Ways to Navigate Gifted & Talented Slide.”

Once the back-to-school excitement wears off, reality hits: the arrangements you’ve made to get advanced learners what they need aren’t working out as you thought they would.  You face a perhaps familiar experience of kids tuning out, voicing frustration, or withdrawing altogether:  signs of a “challenge gap” between what kids are receiving and what’s appropriate for their situation.  Now what?

Dr. Cash will offer strategies you can use to counteract ‘slide,’ keep gifted kids engaged and motivated, and ensure the parent / school conversation remains open to identifying and implementing fresh options.

Date | Monday, 10/29

Time | 6:30 – 8:30pm

Place | Stillwater Junior High Auditorium

RSVP | Email [email protected]

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