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Family Day Speaker – Jim Delisle

Understanding your gifted child from the inside-out: A guide to the social and emotional lives of gifted kids. Parents of gifted children and teens have many questions about how best to meet their intellectual and emotional needs. They want to know what giftedness is and the label’s impact on other family members. They want to know how to advocate for their gifted child in a school setting mired in “bringing up the bottom” rather than “raising the bar” at the top. They want to know how to set expectations that are appropriate and attainable. And they want to know how to juggle the wide range of emotional intensities that often “comes with the territory” in raising gifted kids. This presentation is focused on dealing these these and other issues that come with raising gifted children.

Be sure to join us for a full day of family learning at #NAGC18 Family Day on Saturday, Nov. 17. You won’t want to miss Dr. Jim Delisle’s presentation, “Parenting Your Gifted Child from the Inside Out.” Dr. Delisle has taught gifted children, and those who work on their behalf, for more than 40 years.

Full Family Day schedule and registration: https://bit.ly/2x9zSsY

More about Jim Delisle, Ph.D.: https://bit.ly/2y6zxbR

Dr. Delisle’s latest book, “Understanding Your Gifted Child From the Inside Out: A Guide to the Social and Emotional Lives of Gifted Kids”: https://bit.ly/2QyzIne