Gathering Books

By Teresa Boatman

Inspiration strikes in many different forms. Recently, while at the National Association for Gifted Children Convention, book lover Myra Garces-Bacsal, who is currently in the United Arab Emirates (she flew 22 hours with a 25-hour layover for a 30-minute time slot), was mine.  Myra shared her passion project and ended her presentation reading aloud a picture book, Mi Soy Muslim. I do not normally cry at a conference presentation. 

Gathering Books (GB) is a passion project conceived in 2010. Bibliophiles (three nerdy women and one geeky man) from four different countries come together to share their love for the written word. They provide resources to parents, educators, and readers on a wide-array of books across different themes. The website includes books on social emotional learning from cultures across the world and across many areas of social emotional topics. Months were spent by the Gathering Books team at the International Youth Library selecting picture books from around the world. The stories are profound, moving, and all have a message for readers young and old. I encourage you to spend some time exploring their website and books which might speak to you or someone you care about.