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Gifted and Talented Youth Week: Governor’s proclamation

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Whereas, our children and youth are one of Minnesota’s greatest resources; and

Whereas, education should foster the development of recognized potential abilities in areas of intelligence, creativity, academics, leadership, and visual and performing arts; and

Whereas, the State of Minnesota and its education systems play a key role in finding, maintaining, and furthering these unusual human resources; and

Whereas, Minnesota has tens of thousands of gifted and talented children whose full potential can be tapped only through the farsighted cooperation of education, community and government ; and

Whereas, maximum development of each individual’s intellectual and creative powers insures the challenges of the future will more likely be met

Now, therefore, I , Mark Dayton Governor of Minnesota, do hereby proclaim November 6-12, 2011 to be:  GIFTED AND TALENTED YOUTH WEEK in the State of Minnesota