What is the Homeschool chapter?

MCGT Homeschool is a chapter of the Minnesota Council for Gifted and Talented made up of parents who are homeschooling (or who are thinking about homeschooling) their gifted children. The chapter focuses on providing support, networking, parent education, and opportunities for gifted homeschooled children to learn and have fun together and currently has about 90+ member families. Unlike many MCGT chapters, the Homeschool chapter is non-geographical; members come from throughout the state, with the majority in the metro area.

Homeschooling provides another avenue for supporting the special needs of gifted children. It can provide unique ways to nurture the creativity, asynchrony, sensitivity and accelerated learning rates of these children. Many parents turn to homeschooling when they are unable to find the differentiation their children need in public or private schools.

The MCGT Homeschool chapter holds parent meetings at 7:00 p.m. on the third Monday of the month at libraries and restaurants around the Twin Cities. See the MCGT Coming Up calendar for the date and location of upcoming meetings. Chapter meetings are open to all, not just chapter members, and those interested are encouraged to attend even if they are not yet homeschooling.

Kids are welcome at the parent meetings, although we don’t have planned activities for them. This works fine though with real young kids who are content just to hang around and older kids who can play quietly with the others (in our meeting room if it’s big enough) or go off on their own into the library.

Some of the special offerings organized by members of the MCGT Homeschool chapter have included:

  • Curriculum fairs
  • Resource library of curriculum materials available for check out
  • Group classes for gifted homeschoolers
  • A Middle School Math League team
  • A physical science laboratory class for 11-13 year olds
  • Speakers on topics relevant to gifted homeschooling
  • Field trips to various sites throughout the Twin Cities
  • Member directory to assist in making nearby contacts with similar ages


One of the links on the MCGT Resource web-page is a web-site developed by a Homeschool chapter member. Click the link below to see Homeschool Diner which has a full menu of articles, curriculum ideas, helpful suggestions, friendly advice, links to lots of online resources, and a little homeschool humor, on the side. The focus is on homeschooling gifted kids, but the banquet you’ll find here includes links to all kinds of information about and resources for gifted kids and their educational needs.

Homeschool Diner’s Gifted Homeschooling page

Hoagies Gifted Education Page

Members of the Homeschool chapter put together a list of resources they find helpful. This list can be accessed below:

MCGT Homeschool Resource List

Minnesota Department of Education.  Link to webpage

Homeschool FAQ

Laws Pertaining to Homeschool in Minnesota

Highlighted Events:

See the MCGT Coming Up page for dates and locations of upcoming Homeschool chapter monthly meetings and events.

For more information, contact the Homeschool chapter at: [email protected]