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Fifth Annual Hormel Foundation Gifted and Talented Education Symposium

symp logoThe Fifth Annual Hormel Foundation Gifted and Talented Education Symposium provides an opportunity for educators, administrators, counselors, psychologists, school board members and parents to gain a greater understanding of the unique needs of gifted and high potential learners.

A generous grant from the Hormel Foundation and collaboration between the Minnesota Department of Education and Austin Public Schools makes possible this intensive educational experience.  All are welcome to register and attend the symposium.  Invited speakers include many of the field’s finest regionally, nationally and internationally known presenters, focusing on foundational knowledge, creativity, curriculum strategies, social and emotional needs.

A private foundation has made available funding for first time attendees who are employed as Minnesota school administrators, school psychologists, school counselors or serve as a Minnesota school board member. Individuals who meet this criteria are encouraged to contact Wendy Behrens directly at [email protected]

Registration is now open for the fifth annual

Hormel Foundation Gifted and Talented Education Symposium!

Pre-Conference: June 9, 2013

Administrator Day: June 10, 2013

General Symposium: June 10-13, 2013

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