Hormel Symposium Parent Day Scholarships

The Betty Johnson Scholarship Fund provides education scholarships for gifted youth or parents of gifted children. Betty Johnson impacted the lives of so many gifted children and families and the scholarship fund is designed to honor her tradition of helping families find the right educational options at the right time. 

The Betty Johnson Scholarship Fund allows MCGT to provide scholarships for parents to attend Parent Day at the Hormel Symposium each year. Scholarships include registration fees and a gas card to help with travel. More information about Hormel Symposium Parent Day can be found at http://www.gtsymposium.org

Application for scholarships can be made by submitting a letter which states your reasons for wanting to attend Hormel’s Parent Day, reason for need of scholarship, and any extenuating circumstances such as request for additional funds for travel. In addition, please share how you will use the information from the workshop and how you could potentially share the information with others.

Please email applications to [email protected] or mail to the MCGT office at 5701 Normandale Road, Suite 315 Edina, MN 55424. Please include clear contact information to aid in notification of scholarship.

Questions should be directed to [email protected]t