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 If Gifted Kids Are So Smart, Why Can’t They Just…

WhenTue, September 26, 7:00pm – 8:30pm
WhereEdina Community Center, room 350 (map)

What: If Gifted Kids Are So Smart, Why Can’t They Just…

  • Complete easy homework without meltdowns
  • Get ready in the morning without distractions and stress
  • Calm down when asked to do simple tasks
  • Keep track of their things
  • Stick with activities and practice skills rather than quit the moment it feels challenging
  • Stop feeling like a failure if they miss a few on a test or assignment
  • Let mistakes go and learn from them without blaming themselves or others
  • Feel motivated, even a little bit, to work on these skills

There are many daily tasks that can be difficult for some gifted kids. These tasks could be challenging enough to cause a negative impact on learning, family life, social life and emotional or psychological health. Parents and educators often struggle with where to start to help kids improve these skills.Research has shown that a child’s impairments in executive functioning skills and a fixed mindset are often responsible for these deficits.

Executive Functioning skills and a growth mindset are shown to be significantly more important than IQ scores in determining success in daily life tasks, relationships and learning throughout the school and college years. Gifted children and teens may have significant challenges with self-calming, paying attention, initiating non-preferred or challenging tasks, transitioning or keeping track of their things. And, they may have an inner dialogue that defeats their efforts to improve their mood, accomplish goals or be flexible enough to do what is expected by others.

This seminar will provide research-based strategies about how to coach gifted children to increase their resilience to challenges and set-backs and to improve their ability to learn and be successful in daily life. Resources and supportive materials will be provided to implement strategies at home and school.

Anne Tyler, MS, LMFT is a family therapist in Edina. She specializes in the needs of gifted children, adolescents and adults. Anne created and facilitates MindQuest groups to teach gifted children and teens how to improve executive functioning. She also created other unique groups to teach skills to help gifted children overcome challenges including Halcyon groups to reduce stress and anxiety and DeCypher to coach kids for better social skills while participating in group work.