Minnesota Council for the Gifted & Talented

Connections. Advocacy. Resources. Equity. Support.

JOIN the MCGT Leadership Team

Become a Member of the State Board of Directors

MCGT is looking for the following Board Members and hopes to expand the diversity of our board members and to have voices from as many different backgrounds as possible.

Secretary:  An organized, policy minded individual who can help us with supporting and updating policy and procedures as well as maintaining our flow of activities.  

Educator Liaison: An educator who can bring the perspective of the education world to the MCGT board. Gifted teaching experience is a bonus.

Legislation: An individual who is comfortable speaking to legislators and the public about gifted and talented issues with a balanced, calm perspective.

Rural Representative: An individual from the non-metro area who can help support and amplify the voice of rural parents and students.

Join a Working Group

We have several working groups for MCGT around our five pillars of CARES. We welcome new people and would love to have your ideas and assistance.

Connections:  forging partnerships to engage diverse communities in building awareness of and support for the unique needs of the gifted and talented.

Advocacy:  supporting family, local, state, and federal advocacy efforts to improve opportunities for gifted and talented learners.  

Resources:  providing a comprehensive website and equitable access to events and workshops.

Equity:  committed to continual learning and actionable steps to support a more equitable future for the communities we serve. 

Support:  cultivating relationships among parents/caregivers, and between families, experts, and professionals.

Support Chapter Leaders

We have many chapters at MCGT from special topic areas to school district based chapter. Consider reaching out to a Chapter Leader to find out ways you can support them this year.

Email [email protected] for more information