Local Chapters

Chapters and Parent Groups

There are two forms of local support groups within MCGT: chapters and parent groups.

Chapters, usually organized within a school district or region, provide opportunities to network, to share information, to work with the schools, to hear speakers on various gifted and talented issues, and to generate and promote enrichment activities for gifted children. Note that some chapters also have their own websites. The basic MCGT membership includes membership in one local chapter.

Parent groups are more fluid and informal than chapters. When an MCGT support group is first formed it is designated as a parent group. MCGT Parent Groups have two roles in the MCGT parent support structure. First, they serve as the starting point for new chapter development and, second, they allow families of gifted children to come together for support and sharing of information when a chapter is not a good fit. While some parent groups will choose to formalize their support group as a chapter (thus meeting all the chapter requirements) it is perfectly acceptable to continue as a parent group indefinitely if that format meets the needs of those involved. There is no fee for joining a parent group.

Active Chapters

Following is a alphabetical list of the active MCGT chapters followed by a list of Parent Groups. Use the email addresses listed to contact the chapter/parent group directly. If no email address is listed, contact the MCGT office at [email protected] for more information. This list is updated regularly; please let us know if changes need to be made. The chapter emails below are managed by volunteers and checked periodically. If you haven’t received a response within seven (7) days, please direct your inquiry to [email protected] or [email protected].

Lisa Johnson
[email protected]

Lisa O’Brien
[email protected]

CHOICES (formerly Homeschool)
Kelly Sullivan Noah
[email protected]

Minneapolis (PAALs)
Jess Khan
Tyra Zuchowski
[email protected]

Minneapolis PAALS Facebook Page

Katie McCartney
[email protected]

Prior Lake (SPAN – Synergy/SAGE Parent Action Network)
Apryl Henry
[email protected]

Elizabeth Karges
[email protected]

Rochester GATEway


Rochester GATEway Facebook page
Ginny Amundson
Lisa Wojcik
[email protected]

Rosemount/Apple Valley/Eagan (RAVE)
Maggie Kase
[email protected]

St. Croix Valley
Margaret Thomas
[email protected]

Parent Groups

These groups are in various stages of development; some may be working towards becoming an MCGT chapter and others may plan to stay as a more informal parent group. If your geographic or interest area is here, contact the person listed. If you are interested in a parent group in another area, contact the MCGT office.

2e (Twice Exceptional)
Shelly Harvey
Marc Thompson
[email protected], please send an email if you wish to be added to the MCGT Member 2e listserv

Crow River Region
Shari Colvin
[email protected]

Eden Prairie
Eden Prairie Facebook Page
Shelley Wycoff
[email protected]

Highly Gifted
Ande Nesmith
[email protected]

Krisi Lille
[email protected]