MCGT’s Drive 65 Campaign

Friends of  MCGT,

In 2021, the Minnesota Council for the Gifted and Talented (MCGT) turns 65. And while that is an accomplishment worth celebrating, we know this milestone comes at a very challenging time for our communities, our students, and our families. 

Prior to the pandemic, parent groups and chapters were connecting more than ever through educational events, in-person CHAT nights and other networking opportunities. Our annual picnic enjoyed its highest attendance ever. As stay-at-home orders went in place, our network of educational and social/emotional leaders eagerly stepped up to volunteer and present their expertise as we pivoted to a series of Facebook Live events.

To ensure safety for all, we have made the decision to shift our annual, in-person conference to a virtual format (details to come). While that event traditionally brings in 30 percent of our revenues through registration, exhibitor sign-ups, and new memberships, most of those operational dollars will be lost this year. 

That’s why we need your help. Today, we are kicking off our first fundraising effort – DRIVE 65 – to ensure MCGT remains the vibrant organization it has always been. Our goal is to raise $10,000 to cover our operational costs during this current disruption, and ensure we have the resources to support us on the road ahead – whatever that may look like. 

Please join us by making your tax-deductible donation using the form below today.

As a thank you for supporting MCGT, you will be given access to an exclusive presentation by Minnesota gifted expert and teacher of teachers Dr. Diane Heacox, 10 Parenting Tips to Support and Enhance Online Learning for Gifted Children.

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