MCGT Fall Speaker Series

Join MCGT this fall for our speaker series! All speaker events are Saturdays via zoom from 9am – 11am. 

Thanks to support from MCGT chapter and parent groups, these events are free for MCGT members. Non-members are $20 per event. Event video recordings will also be available for MCGT members for four months, but you must be registered for each event. Non-members will not have access to the recordings. Not a member? Join Now

September 24. Signs your child might need a 504 or IEP: What every parent should know. 

Presenters: Robbi Weil, PACER and Tina Van Erp, M.Ed, The River Coach

Supported by: Bloomington Chapter of MCGT. We are grateful for the Bloomington Chapter support of this event which makes it possible for MCGT members to attend free. 

Gifted and talented learners have learning differences, some have health impairments, specific learning disabilities, or ASD or even all of the above.  Navigating school as a neurodivergent child and family can be difficult. These students are Both/And instead of Either/Or. Challenges for these children may not be identified early or easily. We’ll discuss when and how a 504 plan or an evaluation for an IEP is helpful in identifying and supporting a child’s strengths and growth areas.  Together we will learn steps necessary to support, advocate for and increase the autonomy of twice-exceptional, neurodivergent learners.

October 15. Neurodivergent “Adulting” Made Easier: Equipping gifted kids for the adult world

Presenter: Amanda Morin, Author of Adulting made Easier 

Supported by: Robbinsdale Chapter and St. Paul Parent/Kid Group of MCGT. We are grateful for their support of this event which makes it possible for MCGT members to attend free. 

So-called “adulting” is hard, but it can be even harder when you have the asynchronous development that often comes with being gifted. Preparing neurodivergent kids for the adult world can be challenging. Gifted kids intuitively understand so many things, but the skills needed to transition into the adult world aren’t always intuitive. So what do our kids need to know and how can we support them in gaining those skills? Amanda Morin will share information and strategies to support building the skills our kids need to launch into the world.  

November 5. The Parenting Playbook 

Presenter:  Emily Kircher-Morris, M.S., Author of Raising Twice Exceptional Children and host of The Neurodiversity Podcast

Supported by: Minnetonka Chapter of MCGT. We are grateful for the Minnetonka Chapter support of this event which makes it possible for MCGT members to attend free. 

If only raising gifted and twice-exceptional kids were as easy as everyone thinks! Parents of bright kids know that finding ways to coach their child to become an independent, confident, and successful individual is harder than most people realize. This session focuses on helping parents find neurodiversity-affirming strategies to support their gifted  or twice-exceptional children.

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