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MCGT is partnering with The G Word

MCGT is pleased to be a part of the Partnership Network for the G Word. 

“THE G WORD PARTNERSHIP NETWORK consists of an engaged group of non-profit and education-oriented organizations in the fields of psychology, education, and policymaking, who have devoted their lives’ work to understanding and helping gifted individuals and their families, and who believe strongly in the importance and timeliness of advising a feature-length documentary film on giftedness directed by an award-winning filmmaker. 

The film explores what giftedness looks like through a mosaic of personal, intimate stories. The film’s narrative arc is an examination of the gifted through all stages of life, documenting their search for acceptance, connection, and authentic success, which belie popular misconceptions about what it means to be ‘gifted.’ Among many topics, our film asks the question, “Who gets to be gifted in America and why?” Interwoven with historical context, media portrayal, poetic imagery, and animation integrated with live action and insights into the challenges related to high intelligence from world-renowned experts, authors, thought leaders, and policymakers, THE G WORD sheds light on this largely hidden but emerging special-needs population.”

This partnership will provide us additional access to resources and to a broader network. This will support our mission of making connections, providing support, offering resources and growing advocacy for gifted learners and their families. 

Learn more about The G Word Film