MCGT Membership

Benefits of MCGT Membership

  • Subscription to Outlook newsletter

    Published five times annually, the MCGT newsletter, Outlook, provides our members with important and up-to-date information, resources, and research about giftedness and gifted children.

  • Access to MCGTdotnet

    MCGTdotnet is an email discussion group established for MCGT members. Topics discussed include parenting gifted children, advocating in schools, dealing with social and emotional needs of gifted children, extracurricular opportunities, and other topics of interest to families of gifted children. Group members can post questions on the group and answer questions from others. MCGTdotnet is another way MCGT communicates to its membership. Members are invited to join MCGTdotnet by listing an email address on their membership forms.

  • Access to the Resource Lending Library

    The MCGT Resource Lending Library contains books focused on educational, social-emotional, and parenting issues for gifted children. In addition, there are videotapes, catalogs, and copies of periodicals, such as Gifted Child Today and Parenting for High Potential. The MCGT Resource Lending Library is located in the MCGT office.

  • Reduced fees to MCGT sponsored events

    MCGT’s annual fall conference is a chance for those interested in learning more about gifted children and adults to expand their base of knowledge. Additionally, MCGT sponsors spring workshops on timely and important issues connected with giftedness.

  • Membership in the state and one local chapter

    Additional chapters may be added for a small fee.

  • CHAT Nights Connect/Help/Advocate/Talk

    CHAT Nights are dedicated to informally connecting parents of gifted children. CHAT provides a listening ear, time to share, and cooperative problem solving. Each evening will start with a short presentation on a topic of interest. Attendees then break into smaller groups for discussion with other parents. CHAT Nights are held during October through April. See the Coming Up section for schedule of dates, topics, and locations.

  • MCGT Shoulder-to-Shoulder

    The MCGT Shoulder-to-Shoulder Project promotes a collaborative, positive partnership between parents and schools. Trained volunteers strive to provide families and educational professionals with information about resources and opportunities available to meet the unique needs of gifted learners.

  • Membership Fees

    Regular/Family $35.00 – one year;  $65.00 – two year
    ($16.00 additional chapter)

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