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A frequently asked question of the MCGT leadership is where to turn for professional assistance when your family is in need of intelligence testing or counseling with a professional who understands gifted children. The following information is offered to help answer your questions.

When looking for an intelligence assessment, the article by Machek and Plucker,Intelligence Testing and Gifted: A Primer for Parents,” provides a comprehensive overview of the testing process and what information you would gain from completing an intelligence or achievement test. This article along with the article, “Why should my Child be Tested?” by Carolyn K from the hoagiesgifted.org website together provide a strong base for understand the why, how, and what of assessment. Finding someone who understands the assessment process as well as the type of feedback which will help parents to move forward in using the assessment data for their child is vital to a successful assessment experience. (Tips for Positive Outcomes) MCGT’s list of professionals includes many psychologists in Minnesota who either specialize in testing gifted children or incorporate assessment into their professional practice.

Seeking professional mental health assistance for your child or family is a fear-inducing situation for many people. When your child is gifted, there is the added fear that someone who sees the child primarily through a lens of pathology will overlook the strengths of your child.

Included on the MCGT website are several other good articles written to de-mystify the process of seeking professional help and to identify when is the right time and who is the right person to help your family. Thomas Greenspon’s article, “Finding Professional Help,” and the article by Steven Curtis, “Does Your Child Need Professional Help?,” are both useful starting points for understanding and navigating how to use mental health professionals. Additionally, the recent article, “Consulting a Professional Psychologist about a Gifted Child,” by Susan Berry provides another perspective on approaching this task. The bottom line for most parents is finding a mental health professional that understands gifted children or is willing to learn about the unique characteristics of gifted children. This is where the list of professionals is designed to be a useful starting point.

This recently updated list of professionals has been gathered from recommendations by MCGT members, parents who have utilized the services of these professionals and have found their background or approach to be helpful:

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MCGT does not guarantee services or endorse any professional. Parents are encouraged to talk directly with each practitioner to determine the fit between your needs and the services, fees, and expertise of each individual. In addition, MCGT members are reminded to make use of the MCGT members-only closed Facebook group as a source of information from other MCGT members who have utilized practitioners and have their own personal insight into the professionals in Minnesota.

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