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Did you miss the September 2022 speaker event? This event was free for MCGT members. MCGT members can email the MCGT office at [email protected] to register after the event and have access to the video until January 24, 2023

Sept 24: Signs your child might need a 504/IEP: What every parent should know

Presenters: Robbi Weil, PACER and Tina Van Erp, M.Ed, The River Gifted Learner Coach
Supported by: Bloomington Chapter of MCGT

Gifted and talented learners have learning differences, some have health impairments, specific learning disabilities, or ASD or even all of the above.  Navigating school as a neurodivergent child and family can be difficult. These students are Both/And instead of Either/Or.Challenges for these children may not be identified early or easily. We’ll discuss when and how a 504 plan or an evaluation for an IEP is helpful in identifying and supporting a child’s strengths and growth areas.  Together we will learn steps necessary to support, advocate for and increase the autonomy of twice-exceptional, neurodivergent learners.

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