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Thank you, Dr. Melissa Malen, for being a MCGT Platinum Sponsor

Dr. Melissa Malen
[email protected]

  • Academic Coaching for Gifted & Twice Exceptional (2e & 3e) students that facilitates improved achievement by supporting executive function skills, attention, cognitive and emotional regulation.
  • Coaching helps students develop skills to get started, persist, and complete work more consistently and to develop communication and self-advocacy skills.
  • Dr. Malen works with parents, students, and schools.  Focus areas include: ADHD, Dyslexia, NVLD, Executive Function, Emotional Regulation, Underachievement, 504 & IEP accommodations.
  • Services are offered via Zoom and include individual academic coaching for students and parents, monthly grade-management coaching, and enrichment & passion coaching, as well as ADHD coaching for youth and adults. 
  • Please take a look at the AxyLu website and contact me!

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