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Tour the Toucan Rescue Ranch with the CHOICES Chapter!

It’s cold in Minnesota, but warm in Costa Rica!  Come together with other CHOICES Chapter families for a special live virtual tour of the Toucan Rescue Ranch on Monday, January 17 at 11:00 AM.  Registration deadline is Saturday, January 15.

We’ve created this opportunity to bring some warmth to our CHOICES families during the post-holiday quiet chill, which is compounded as some families need to pull back from gathering in person – again – for health reasons.  We are making this event FREE for all CHOICES members, and chose a day when many kids are off school or learning from home.  We hope to see lots of faces from our community!  

“During this LIVE virtual tour, you will be told an introductory presentation explaining TRR history, mission, and programs as well as an all-access walk of the property sharing the large variety of parrots, toucans, macaws, owls, sloths, spider monkeys, weasels, and more! Due to the exclusivity of this event, you will gain access with your guide to the rehabilitation areas of Toucan Rescue Ranch, as well as inside enclosures for close-up encounters with you. This is great for both national and international audiences and teaches about the importance of conservation and what it takes to run a premier wildlife rescue center. Interactive Q&A with your knowledgeable guide throughout the duration of your tour.”    

Learn more about Toucan Rescue Ranch

Register by emailing [email protected] by Saturday, January 15. 

We’ll need three pieces of information so we can facilitate arrangements with the ranch:
1) How many screens you’ll be logging in from.  (It’s OK, for example, if siblings want separate screens from each other.)
2) How many adults (age 13+) and kids will be touring.  (All ages and family sizes are welcome; kids can attend alone if they’ve got good Zoom etiquette, or gather the whole crew around the screen!) 
3) Which email you would like the Zoom login sent to.  It will be sent sometime prior to the tour on Monday morning.  (If your family name isn’t obvious from your email address, your name would be helpful so we can quickly check membership status.) 

This tour is being organized for FREE for all CHOICES members, thanks to your member dues.  Standard admission price for the tour is $20 for adults and $10 for kids.  

If you’re not a member of MCGT, you can join MCGT and the CHOICES Chapter for $40 for one year at https://mcgt.net/join .  If you’re a member of MCGT but not the CHOICES Chapter, you can add CHOICES as a second chapter for $18 by emailing [email protected] (and join us for more member activities, like The Stock Market Game). 

We’re looking forward to a little tropical getaway with you!