Social Media Policy

MCGT Social Media Communities include the MCGT public Facebook page, Members Only Facebook page, and Twitter account.

Our goal is to provide an online community where people with varying views, theories, and concerns about giftedness can express themselves, share information, and interact with one another. The viewpoints, opinions and actions expressed in comments are those of the individuals themselves, and may not reflect MCGT policies or positions.  MCGT recommends consulting with qualified professionals as a resource when making decisions about your family.

Please review the following online platform guidelines regarding your responsibilities and MCGT’s role.

Be Respectful. Please keep your posts civil and non-accusatory. It’s okay to disagree with others but personal attacks and/or insults will result in an initial warning and then your removal from the media platform if attacks continue.

Keep Your Comments on Topic.  We welcome discussion about giftedness and its impact on individuals and families, as well as information, services and connection around giftedness. MCGT may edit or remove inappropriate or off-topic comments at any time.

Protect Your Privacy. Discussing the private information of others, such as ex-spouses, students, or friends is prohibited. Do not give out personal information such as a child’s name,  telephone numbers or street addresses as doing so may make you susceptible to spam and unauthorized communication. MCGT’s privacy policy.

Posting Privileges: Platinum level MCGT sponsors have access for monthly posting of offerings on online platforms in accordance with sponsorship rules. Gold and Silver MCGT sponsors have access for quarterly posting of offerings on online platforms in accordance with sponsorship rules. All other businesses or organizations will not be allowed to directly post on MCGT platforms. If a member posts information about an event or resource that you wish to share outside an MCGT media platform, please ask the original poster first for their permission.

Links to other resources. MCGT is not responsible for the content of any linked resource, any link contained in a linked resource, or any changes or updates to such resources. The inclusion of any link does not imply endorsement by MCGT of that resource. In addition, please be aware that MCGT is not responsible for the privacy practices of other organizations. MCGT encourages you to read the privacy statements of every entity that requests personal information from you. 

The Bottom Line. MCGT is not the author of all the content on MCGT social media platforms but the MCGT board will endeavor to keep the platforms  supportive and focused on MCGT’s mission. Users who persist in violating community guidelines may be barred from posting to the platforms.

Who to Contact with Questions

Any questions regarding the MCGT social media forums can be emailed directly to [email protected]

updated 5/11/2020