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Developmental Discoveries Neuropsychology
East Metro, Minneapolis/St. Paul, North Metro, Out of Metro Area, South Metro, West Metro
Location of Practice
Plymouth, MN
Developmental Discoveries specializes in pediatric neuropsychological and autism evaluations, with a particular focus on learning disabilities, ADHD, giftedness, and twice exceptional (2e) populations. We have specialized knowledge and experience with late-diagnosed autism, ‘subtle but significant’ autistic traits, and autistic girls. Licensed psychologists conduct the assessment. Assessments of younger children typically include real-world observations at school or daycare. We provide user-friendly reports in a timely manner and child-friendly feedback for older children. With our team’s extensive experience in the autistic community, broad clinical experience, and a deep interest in niche areas of child development, we provide a non-judgmental space for parents to discuss their concerns and ask important questions. Our goal is to increase knowledge, understanding, and compassion in order to better support children in their unique cognitive and developmental journeys. We embrace the concept of neurodiversity, where disability and identity intersect, emphasizing the importance of understanding and supporting individuals across a diverse neurodevelopmental spectrum.
Assessments Provided
ADHD, ASD, Cognitive (IQ), Neuropsychological
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