The Homeschool Chapter of the Minnesota Council for the Gifted and Talented has been an active community for years.  On May 20, 2019, we expanded our mission to better reflect our population of families who are curating their children’s education. We are now the CHOICES Chapter!

CHOICES stands for:

Curated Education


Online Learning

Independent Study

Charter and Private School

Enrichment and Experiential Learning

Shared Time

We’ve seen a natural expansion over the years in the ways families approach education, as opportunities have broadened.  Families with all of their children in public school are often served very well by their local MCGT chapter.  But the CHOICES Chapter is increasingly attracting other families who take a very dynamic year-by-year, sibling-by-sibling approach.  They might not consider themselves homeschoolers because one or all of their children attends a school, whether it’s charter or private, part-time, community college, or online.  We welcome any family that uses their educational “choices” to their advantage!

What’s happening with the CHOICES Chapter?

  • We continue to serve our families who are working to dynamically curate their children’s education outside of full-time public school, including homeschoolers.  Our bylaws state, “The chapter’s primary aim and purpose is to provide informal support and encouragement to member families through informational, educational, and social gatherings and by connecting resources.”
  • We currently have a larger quarterly meeting (February, May, August, and November) with more relevant content to our families in addition to the board meeting. The board will have virtual administrative meetings every month that will be open to chapter members, but the agenda will be limited to board business rather than supporting our families.
  •  Each board member is in charge of a committee to create events and opportunities that weave together throughout the year into a tapestry of offerings for our members. Watch for all types of events coming year-round!  This structure also creates more ways for our members to be involved in making things happen without joining the board!  Please contact us at [email protected] if you would like to host an event, field trip, or a series of events.  We’d love to help you reach out!
  • Recent events have included field trips to iFly, a Behind the Scenes tour of Stadiums, Zoom meetings on Homeschool FAQs for parents, The Stock Market Game, Virtual Meetups for kids and teens, and many other opportunities.  We have many amazing ways to connect!

How can I help?

  • If you haven’t already, join MCGT and our Chapter for $40 per year. Your MCGT membership includes one local chapter, and can either select us as your local chapter or add us as a second chapter for an additional $18 per year.
  • Come to an event and invite another family to join you.
  • Volunteer to join a committee. We have board members working on technology and communication, the library, and several different types of events and gatherings.
  • Join our primary source of communication on and follow our Facebook page.  Events and announcements are placed on both forms of media.  Also contact [email protected] with any questions. 
  • Join our quarterly meetings!  Every quarter we typically meet in person, though we are meeting on Zoom during the pandemic.  Meeting details and all communications are listed on our page and our Facebook page.  Feel free to request to join our or Facebook Group for more information!  We would love to have you! 
  • Support the broader gifted community by selecting MCGT as your Amazon Smile charitable organization.
  • Reach out with questions and ideas.

For more information, contact [email protected]

Thanks for sharing and growing with us!

-Kelly Noah (2020-2021 Secretary)

-Kari Molhoek (2020-2021 President)

-Lorri Jennings 2020-2021 Treasurer)

-Stephanie Surles (2020-2021 Board Member at Large)

-Chrissy Wirtz (2020-2021 Technology Chair)