Veteran MCGT CHOICES parents discuss common questions about Gifted Homeschooling

Veteran parents of the CHOICES Chapter have been answering questions about homeschooling and learning choices for about as long as they’ve been teaching their kids.  You’ve probably helped a lot of families yourself, no matter where and how your children learn.

We’ve found over years of group chats and private conversations that there are many commonly-asked questions.  We’ve also had many requests to stream or record our chats, but have declined in order to honor the privacy of families sharing personal or emotional information.

We are happy to announce that we have recorded a series of panel discussions to capture some of the knowledge of our veteran families and answer common questions about homeschooling and learning choices for gifted kids.  Most discussions range from ten to twenty minutes, and each panel features four parents with experiences in the topic.

We especially thank the brave parents willing to be featured on this video experiment.  Now MCGT families can get information and reassurance on-demand, without waiting for a scheduled event or arranging a private discussion.  It is our hope that this will be a valuable resource, and also help tailor real-time conversations to each family’s unique needs.

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Video descriptions below.

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Video Chat 1: Homeschooling 101

  • Am I allowed to homeschool?
  • Who homeschools in Minnesota?
  • What paperwork and testing do I need?
  • Once I start homeschooling, how long do I need to continue?
  • Why do families homeschool? (Reason and Vision)
  • Can I do this?

Video Chat 2: Curriculum and Resources

  • What are the different homeschooling styles?
  • Where do I find curriculum?
  • Where do I find enrichment?

Video Chat 3: Setting Up for Success

  • How do you set up your schedule and rhythms?
  • How do you set up your house?
  • How do you set jurisdictions for parents and kids?

Video Chat 4: Early Education Years

  • What does homeschooling young gifted kids look like?

Video Chat 5: Elementary Years

  • What does homeschooling elementary gifted kids look like?

Video Chat 6: Middle and High School Years

  • How do you meet academic needs of older gifted students?
  • What do I need to know about PSEO?
  • What do I need to know about transcripts?

Video Chat 7: Learning CHOICES

  • Full-time school with family-led enrichment
  • Part-time/hybrid school
  • Online School
  • Homeschool

Video Chat 8: Distance Learning vs. Homeschooling (see excerpt below)

  • How is distance learning different from homeschooling?
  • What are some advantages to distance learning?
  • What are some disadvantages to distance learning?

Video Chat 9: Suddenly Homeschooling

  • What are my first priorities?
  • How far ahead do I have to plan?
  • What is deschooling?
  • What if my child doesn’t love learning anymore?
  • How long do I have to figure this out?

Video Chat 10: What About Socialization?

  • Where do we find other kids?
  • Where do we find other parents?
  • What are the ‘common languages’ of some gifted kids?
Take a sneak peek and learn about Distance Learning vs. Homeschooling