Minnesota Council for the Gifted & Talented

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ISD 199/Inver Grove Heights
Grades Served
2, 3, 4, 5
Program Name(s)
Atheneum Gifted Magnet School
Type of Program
Public, School within a School
Admission Requirements
95th% on MAP Reading, MAP Math, and CogAT and/or WISC Gifted
2E Accommodations
Many Atheneum teachers have years of experience and/or training in gifted education, and some even have a certificate in providing for the needs of 2E students. Teachers are often flexible and help to provide the accommodations students need through flexible seating, fidgets, breaks, and in many other ways.
2 Sentence Description
Our program meets the needs of advanced learners by providing an accelerated curriculum as well as opportunities to go deeper into learning through enrichment. We also help meet the social emotional needs of our students through the Ashoka school community that Atheneum is a part of.