Minnesota Council for the Gifted & Talented

Connections. Advocacy. Resources. Equity. Support.

Vision and Mission

Supporting Gifted & Talented Students in Minnesota since 1956

MCGT envisions that ALL Minnesota families and communities are empowered with equitable access to gifted & talented resources, support and opportunities. Together we can create connections that respect, value, celebrate and support all people. 

MCGT Mission Statement

The CARES Pillars are the foundation that upholds MCGT’s core values.

The Minnesota Council for the Gifted & Talented (MCGT) builds community and empowers families of gifted & talented children from all backgrounds through five core values:


MCGT forges partnerships to engage diverse communities in building awareness of, and support for, the unique needs of the gifted & talented.


MCGT supports family, local, state, and federal advocacy efforts to improve opportunities for gifted & talented learners.  


MCGT provides a comprehensive website and equitable access to events and workshops.


MCGT is committed to continual learning and actionable steps to support a more equitable future for the communities we serve. 


MCGT cultivates relationships among parents/caregivers, and between families, experts, and professionals.

MCGT Definition of Gifted & Talented

Gifted and talented children are found in all socio-economic, ethnic, and cultural populations, and are capable of high performance, exceptional production, or exceptional learning behavior compared to others of the same age, experience or environment. Gifted is a brain-based difference that is sometimes a gift and often presents challenges. Giftedness is asynchronous development in which disparities between developmental age and chronological age create inner experiences and awareness that are qualitatively different from the norm. Giftedness requires modifications in parenting, teaching, and counseling in order for them to develop optimally. The potential of gifted and talented students requires differentiated and challenging educational programs and/or services beyond those provided in the general school program. 

Talented learners are those who demonstrate potential for exceptional performance in one or more fields of human endeavor, such as academics, arts, technology, business, leisure, social action, or sport. These learners require specialized services and supports in order to realize their potential. Gifted/special needs (twice-exceptional) children develop in an even more extremely uneven manner. They are more complex and intense than their gifted agemates, and no single grade-level curriculum will meet their needs. No two gifted children are alike and they will vary among themselves as much as they do from typically developing peers.