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MCGT Chapters and Community Groups


MCGT chapters are formal group of MCGT members, organized by district, region, or other common goals. A chapter has officers who use a portion of membership dues collected to offer events, resources, and other opportunities to benefit chapter members and support MCGT’s mission.

Community Groups

MCGT Community Groups are informal gatherings of interested parents. No bylaws, officers, or financials. Just connections, sharing, and support. 

To contact chapter or community group leads direct your inquiries to our contact form

MCGT Chapters

MCGT Community Groups

2e (Twice Exceptional)

Bloomington Facebook Page
Lisa Johnson

Crow River Region
Shari Colvin

Eden Prairie
Eden Prairie Facebook Page
Shelley Wycoff

Gifted Up North
Sami Erickson
Maria Manner

Minneapolis (PAALs)
Minneapolis PAALs Facebook Page

Rosemount/Apple Valley/Eagan (RAVE)

St. Paul Parent/Kid Group
St. Paul Facebook Group

Southeast Minnesota – “Driftless Gifted – DG2e”:
 A Community of Families with Gifted & Talented (G/T) & Twice-Exceptional (2e) Children in the “Driftless” Region of SE Minnesota, SW Wisconsin, and NE Iowa.
DG2e Website
DG2e Facebook Group