Here are selected links to Web sites about gifted education. Many other sites can be found by Web searching. As should be the case with all information you find on the Internet, be sure to check the information in those sites against other real-world sources and other sources of sound advice. MCGT does not endorse or recommend any programs, websites, or activities, unless specifically noted.

Center for Talent Development (CTD)

The Center for Talent Development, part of Northwestern University’s School of Education and Social Policy, is the Midwest’s regional center on gifted education. The Web site includes links describing resources for educators, students and parents, Northwestern University’s Midwest Academic Talent Search (NUMATS) program, the Summer Program, and CTD’s Gifted LearningLinks distance learning program for gifted students.

Center for Talented Youth (CTY)

The Center for Talented Youth at Johns Hopkins University in Maryland is a leader in the education of pre-collegiate students of high academic ability. It is also the regional center on gifted education for the northeast and the Pacific states. The Center’s site includes links describing CTY’s Talent Search program, and CTY’s online (distance) education program for gifted students, the most recent issue of Imagine, and numerous links to articles and other websites.

Davidson Institute for Talent Development (DITD)

The Davidson Institute for Talent Development (DITD) is dedicated to supporting profoundly gifted students under 18, their parents and educators. The Davidson Institute maintains the massive Davidson Gifted Database a collection of online articles, gifted-friendly resources, an archive of news articles, and an events calendar. It also includes many hard-to-find writings by experts on gifted education, along with reader comments. Other features of the site include links to information on DITD programs such as the Young Scholars Program, the Davidson Fellows Program, and the Educators Guild program for teachers of gifted students., formerly Education Program for Gifted Youth (EPGY)

Guided by ongoing research at Stanford University, provides innovative educational tools, unmatched expertise and a supportive community to help students become advanced learners.

“ was created by a passionate team of educators, innovators and researchers who are driven to bring advanced learning tools to the world. Here at, we recognize that the current structure of traditional “Gifted and Talented” programs provides only a small section of students with access to the advanced education programs and additional resources that enrich intellectual curiosity and spark innovation. We set out to change this.

“In this effort, we created based on the philosophy that it’s time we stop telling our kids what they can’t do, and start giving them the tools to see what they can do. Guided by ongoing research at Stanford University, is the premier online community dedicated to providing all students with advanced learning resources. Harnessing the power of research, technology and innovation, we provide educational tools, unmatched expertise and a supportive community to help unleash the genius within each student.”

Epsilon Camp

A Residential Summer Camp for the Exceptionally or Profoundly Gifted  Who Love Math & A Parent Workshop. Epsilon Camp seeks to help the exceptionally gifted girls and boys take early ownership of their giftedness, through a summer camp coupled with a parent workshop program. It is designed to build mathematical and personal maturity in these 8 to 11 year olds meaning, the student is not yet 12 until the camp has ended. Note that the profoundly gifted are in the group we serve as they from a subset of the exceptionally gifted.

Gifted and Talented Education (Minnesota Department of Education)

Gifted and Talented Education is part of the MN Dept. of Education’s Academic Excellence initiative, and provides leadership, coordination and consultation services for educators, administrators and parents of gifted students.

Gifted Development Center

The Gifted Development Center in Denver, CO, serves parents, schools, and advocacy groups with information about identification, assessment, counseling, learning styles, programs, presentations, and resources for gifted children and adults. The Center is directed by noted author and psychologist Linda Silverman. The website includes articles about a variety of topics, including information about visual-spatial learners, one of the Center’s specialties.

Gifted Education Resource Institute (GERI)

Purdue’s Talent Development Programs at GERI help talented students explore their areas of interest in a college atmosphere where they study topics typically not offered in school. Together, students learn challenging content and create meaningful projects in which they apply their learning in new and relevant ways. Participation in GERI programs provides students in-depth and clear understanding of the fields they might like to pursue. Many students attend GERI Talent Development Programs for multiple years.

Hoagies Gifted

This website is the creation of a software engineer and mom of gifted kids. Carolyn Kottmeyer organized her burgeoning bookmarks file of favorite gifted references into Hoagies’ Gifted Education Page in 1997. It has grown to over 400 pages of information on every aspect of raising and educating gifted children, including more than 500 pages of articles from ERIC Clearinghouse for Disabilities and Gifted Education (ERICEC) and a separate page for kids and teens (

Intermediate District 287

Intermediate District 287, a consortium of 13 suburban school districts on the west side of Minneapolis, offers math programs, the Mentor Connection, West Suburban Summer School, and coordinates the state Destination ImagiNation program.

Minnesota Educators of the Gifted and Talented (MEGT)

MEGT is an advocacy network of teachers and other educational professionals who have responsibility for the education of gifted and talented students.

Minnesota Institute for Talented Youth (MITY)

Founded in 1967 and formerly named Twin Cities Institute for Talented Youth, Minnesota Institute for Talented Youth continues to provides an educational community where diverse, intellectually curious students can experience the excitement of learning and expand their academic and social visions. The Institute has earned a reputation as Minnesota’s premiere summer academic enrichment program.

National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC)

This national association’s website includes resources and information for administrators, educators and parents that is gleaned from around the world — ABCs of Gifted, NAGC’s Position and Policy statements, state organizations, and more.


PROJECT2EXCEL is designed to change the way we look for, serve, and support learners who are gifted and also have various additional exceptionalities, including attention deficit disorders, autism spectrum disorders, behavioral and emotional disorders, and learning disabilities. These children are frequently overlooked for gifted services.Results of the 5-year Javits* funded project will include:

  • A comprehensive identification protocol for grades K-8
  • Modified gifted curriculum for grades 3-8 in Mathematics and Language Arts
  • A graduate twice-exceptional certification program for teachers
  • A parent education and support model for parents of twice-exceptional children

The intended outcome of this project is an improved system for supporting and educating twice-exceptional kids so that their academic giftedness can be developed while their learning deficits are addressed through the use of appropriate educational interventions.

SENG (Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted)

SENG, a 25-year-old national association which focuses on the unique social and emotional needs of gifted children and adults, provides guidance, information, and resources for gifted individuals, their families, and the professionals who work with them, as well as a forum to communicate about raising and educating these children.

Connect with the Minnesota SENG group at their Facebook page:

Resources for Gifted Adults

High Ability and Talent Development Resources.

Both sites are curated by Douglas Eby.  He describes the sites in this way:

Talent Development Resources has grown out of my interests and research in creativity, personal development and positive psychology, and an appreciation of actors, writers, photographers and other artists with exceptional ability.  The site is designed to help explore some of the key psychological and social issues that affect people with multiple talents – and to provide information and inspiration to enhance achievement and creative expression, and help develop a more authentic and expressive life.  The site is designed to help explore multiple creative talents, to better understand the barriers that can keep us from realizing those abilities, and provide a variety of tools that can enhance personal development.  The concept of “talent development” is one I have borrowed loosely from both academic (high school, college) programs that are designed to help gifted and talented students develop their cognitive and creative abilities, and, to a lesser extent, from corporate programs oriented toward helping adults develop themselves more fully.