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Frequently Asked Questions

Is my child gifted? What does that mean?

Take a look at MCGT’s Markers of Giftedness.

Help! My child is gifted, but also has ADHD, Anxiety, Autism, Learning Challenges, etc.

You are not alone! Find information about Twice-Exceptional (2e) students.

And join MCGT via Zoom for our 2e Building Bridges Discussion group during the school year! All are welcome to attend free, even if you aren’t in Minnesota! Learn more about MCGT’s Discussion Groups. Check the MCGT website calendar for upcoming dates and times.

Should I get my child tested? Where can I get my child tested?

When considering having your child assessed, it is important to understand the testing process and what information you would gain from completing an intelligence or achievement test. For many parents, finding someone who understands gifted & talented characteristics is important in the assessment process. Specialists in G&T provide a gifted lens that can help lead to a more successful assessment experience. Read more about testing and assessments. 

How do I find professionals to help me support my child?

Minnesota has professionals that support gifted families in a variety of ways from educational consulting to tutoring to parent coaching. Find a Minnesota professional in our professional directory.

Recordings of some of MCGT’s speaker events are available on demand to MCGT members. They are presented by experts in a variety of areas of giftedness including videos such as:
Neurodivergent & Strong: Developing Our Superpowers
Engaging GT Students in Learning
The Parenting Playbook
Signs Your Child Might Need a 504 or IEP: What Every Parent Should Know
And more! Become a MCGT Member now at the low rate of $40/year or $75 for 2 years.

What’s the best school for my gifted/2e child?

There is no one school that is perfect for all gifted kids, but MN has full-time gifted & talented schooling options. Learn more about gifted & talented programs and services in Minnesota.

And check out MCGT’s Gifted & Talented school directory.

The school isn’t meeting my child’s needs. What can I do?

The advocacy process consists of building a working partnership with education professionals, communicating effectively, and preparing, documenting, and implementing a learning plan. Resources for advocating for your student.

In addition, there are professionals in Minnesota that can help you as you advocate for your child. Find a Minnesota professional in our professional directory.

How can I advocate at the school/district level for gifted & talented (GT) services?

Advocating for students and programs is both art and science. Connecting with like-minded parents and professionals is an important first step in building coalition and influence. Find resources on MCGT Advocating in Your Community page to help you get started.

Where can I find information about homeschooling or other non-traditional school options?

MCGT’s CHOICES chapter welcomes all families with a variety of approaches to education! Learn more about CHOICES and join their Groups.io!

MCGT’s CHOICES chapter has also made a series of short videos about frequently asked homeschooling questions that are available to all MCGT members. Watch CHOICES Videos
Not a MCGT member? Join online now!

How do I meet/connect with other parents/caregivers/MCGT members?

Join MCGT at an upcoming event or a free discussion group! Check out our website calendar for dates/times/locations.
Find a MCGT Chapter or Community Group or consider getting some other parents together to start your own MCGT Community Group!

How does my child meet other gifted kids?

We know that finding peers can be difficult, so at MCGT we build community through events and activities. MCGT and our CHOICES Chapter offer a variety of opportunities throughout the year to connect families and kids. There are also enrichment opportunities available through other organizations – please check out our sponsors and summer programming lists via our Outlook Newsletter for additional opportunities.

We would love to see you at an upcoming MCGT event! Check out our website calendar for dates/times/locations and learn more about MCGT membership.

If I’m unable to attend one of the discussion groups, is there a way I can talk with someone?

You can always reach out to the MCGT office by emailing [email protected]. We’ll help connect you to someone who can help answer any other questions that you have!

Why should I join MCGT? How do I become a MCGT member?

MCGT members have access to a number of members-only events, discounts, and resources.

Your membership also contributes to MCGT’s mission to support gifted & talented students and their educational and emotional needs by providing events, legislative advocacy, scholarships, individual chapter support and networking opportunities across chapters, and more.

If you are interested in supporting gifted & talented learners and joining our community, we would love to have you as a member.

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