FAQs for Chapter Leaders

Help is available from the MCGT Office.
Email address for office is [email protected]. Emails are checked twice a week.

Process for requesting space at Edina Community Center.
MCGT chapters may use the Edina Community Center for events that are free and open to the public. Edina Community Center asks that all room requests go through the MCGT office. MCGT needs a minimum of two weeks lead-time for all room requests. If a specific room is requested and the room is not available, MCGT office will contact the chapter with other available options. A $15 nonrefundable fee is due upon notification that the space has been reserved. If a chapter needs to make a change to a room reservation, there is a $15 change fee.

Financial Responsibilities and Benefits. 

  • Annual Chapter Financial Reports are due to the MCGT office by October 1 each year. More information can be found on page 19 in the Chapter Essentials handbook on the MCGT website at Chapter Essentials 
  • The Annual Chapter Financial Report can be found on the MCGT website at Financial Report
  • Chapters can apply to the state board for additional assistance for events.

Proof of Insurance.
All requests for information about MCGT’s insurance policy must go through the MCGT office.

Speaking authority of members.
Any member may express their opinion in their personal capacity. Speaking on behalf of MCGT requires a specific grant of authority from the MCGT board (as required by MCGT’s bylaws, Article VIII, section 2).

Grievance Policy.

  • If there is a concern, the MCGT member(s) should discuss their concern with their chapter leaders.
  • If the MCGT member(s) feel that they cannot come to a resolution, they should notify the MCGT State Board in writing.
  • The State board will discuss the concerns with the chapter leaders and ask them to provide a response in writing.
  • Both the chapter leaders and the member(s) may attend a state board meeting to explain the concerns.
  • The board will notify all parties of their recommendations.
  • It is our hope that issues/concerns will be resolved at the chapter level and not with the state board.

Who do I contact with questions?